Cutting-Edge Hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition is the use of controlled high pressure jets of water in order to remove or demolish concrete. This process is an incredibly effective way to cut down concrete without affecting steel substructures and other important parts of the structure.

As well as being incredibly effective, the process is also much gentler on the environment. Pressure jetting is much quieter than heavy duty equipment, reducing the acoustic impact on surrounding areas. Waste water can easily be collected and filtered to prevent cross contamination. For more information about this method, visit What is Hydrodemolition?

Benefits of Hydrodemoltion

– This method produces no vibration, meaning there will be no detrimental effects such as cracking in the surrounding areas of the structure

– The process leaves behind an outstanding bonding surface, ready to receive new coatings or applications

– It is an extremely affordable solution, making it a perfect option for businesses who are budget conscious

– This technique enables optimum productivity and safety

Two Main Types of Hydrodemolition:

– Hand Lancing – suitable for smaller jobs

– Robotic – suitable for larger jobs

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HFM Cleaning is one of the UK’s most experienced providers of Water Jet Hydrodemolition Services and other high pressure water jetting services. We can provide both manual and robotic demolition depending on your needs and the demands of your site. Our highly trained team are equipped with market leading machinery to ensure they can deliver the best possible standards. Hydroblast are also members of The Water Jetting Association for their expertise as well as safety and training. When you need a fast and effective service we are proud to serve.